Meals. Maid. Mentorship.

You matter.

let us show you.


 Having a newborn is hard.

Your house overwhelms you. Let us clean it.

You need to eat too. Let us feed you.

You feel alone. Let us be there.


Our Services


Here is a loose schedule of how we can care for you and your baby. Because having a baby seldom goes according to a pre-arranged timeline.

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If you are a mother you’ll remember what it’s like:

  • Exciting to hold your precious new baby.

  • Surreal because what you just carried inside is finally in your arms.

  • Terrifying because your heart now lives outside of you (and no book can truly prepare you for the real thing).

  • Exhausting, because well… sleep is precious.

  • Intense, because your hormones are on a roller coaster.

  • Exhilarating because you just experienced the power of your body as it did the incredible feat of growing and delivering a baby (no matter how your baby decided to make their entrance).

There is so much going on for a mother and new baby and no two babies are the same.


We are looking for mentors who can be a calm to the chaos;

a supportive voice amidst the doubt;

and a safe and loving presence to let our mothers and their babies know we care about them.